Our Story is all about tradition and excellence

Since 1902

At DLR Builders, we pride ourselves in quality workmanship, ethical practice, service delivery and a constant pursuit towards innovation. Our commitment to upholding these values builds trust in clients who work with us, and still remains at the heart of what we do.

Our Work

The stamp of DLR brand is a badge of prestige. With a history of developing the world’s finest real estate, there is no match to the DLR standard of service, craftsmanship and aesthetic quality.

Our People

DLR Build is a family business. Building is in their DNA! Every member of the DLR Build team has vast experience in the delivery of extraordinary homes and every member of this incredible team is infused with enthusiasm, positivity and a can-do attitude that makes working with them an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Our Future

The future of real estate will also see a rise in luxury properties. As housing demand continues to rise, inventory (particularly luxury properties) will increase to accommodate home buyers. As a whole, the future of the real estate housing market represents several interesting changes.